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JieGuan: Take Over Packet Bot for D2R

The new Jieguan bot (translation: Take Over Bot) has been heavily tested and is now in the pre-alpha phase. It is very smooth and fast. It is so fast, in fact, that it can navigate to the boss and kill it while the loading screen is still showing. The loading screen does not prevent the bot from interacting with the game because of its utilization of game memory packet functions. This, and the ability to run in the background, makes this bot take the cake. It works on any class, is capable of farming any boss with ease, and it doesn’t require much setup since it packet casts all spells so there is no need for setting any key bindings.

Once you have it running, you’ll see why it’s called Take Over Bot. It attaches to D2R process and safely hides by not storing the files on the PC but is instead ran from our authentication server. This makes us happy to announce the beta coming soon! We are currently in pre-alpha phase and selecting only a few people to do tests as we acquire bug reporting to our developer. We will be glad to offer this bot at a very reasonable price, but with our development costs already being excessive we still want to price it fair enough to grow our user base. When you get the chance, check out the video of it in action and see what you’re missing out on.

Join d2rassist bot signup to get into our early beta test access! Since the bot is able to work via memory, it is able to navigate while loading screens are still showing. The loading screen will prevent the pixel-bot from interacting with D2R, like a human would not be able to, because the pixel-bot is not reading memory. Players load instantly into an area, but the loading screen is delayed due to the rendering of a map.

This is why players can get killed by other players when using a waypoint, but with a packet-bot the loading screen can be bypassed or ignored. This is essentially why you will see the bot randomly appear in certain areas or see the boss already killed once the loading screen is gone. We have seen other packet bots that have similarities, but ours is a complete, custom solution. Other packet-bot developers may have their own method, but it is not, and will not be, Jieguan. Jieguan is made by the developer of ZhiPei. Read our blog for more information about Jieguan Take Over Bot. I will try to explain as much as I am able too without confusion. This is a very safe software and is made with anti-detection measures taken first and foremost. Packet casting, or alternatively referred to as “injecting,” is when a software attaches to game memory on launch. If done correctly, it is very safe and will not result in a user ban. Anyone who tells you otherwise does not understand what they speak of.

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