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Advanced Diablo 2 Resurrected Automation Tools & Map Revealer

Map Revealer


Easy Setup

Get started dominating Diablo 2 Resurrected with our suite of tools to automate and enhance your gameplay.

Diablo 2 Resurrected Maphack

Automation Tools & Map Navigation


Always updated and secure

D2R Automation Tools

  • Enhanced Security

    • No memory injections
    • No bans even while farming 24/7
    • Pixel bot and non-intrusive functionality
  • Easy Farming

    • Pindle Farming automated
    • Sorceress class support
    • Auto-stash functionality
  • Monsters

    • Auto-engages while farming
    • Easily navigate to boss with map revealer
  • Game Creation

    • Creates new games after farming automatically
    • Auto difficulty settings
    • Utilizes Vendor profile for selling/repairing
  • Easy Setup

    • Compatible with all Windows OS
    • Hands free automation
    • Easy map revealer setup, no configuring required
  • Advanced Tools

    • Pixel Pindle farming bot
    • Maphack overlay.
    • Always updated with new bots being added

Easy Leveling & Farming with Pindle Bot

D2R Jarvis Pindle Bot

Pindle farming automation at its finest:
Revive mercenaries, auto stash and auto loot to have an easy farming routine while earning experience in the process


Bonus Bots

D2R PickIt Bot

Avoid dying with the

Chicken Quick Leave Bot

Avoid deaths with the Chicken Bot script that leaves with a quick mouse click command macro saving you XP and precious time from unexpected deaths.

D2R PickIt Bot

Automatically pick up loot with

Pick It Auto Loot Bot

Easy autoloot with the pickit bot that makes picking up loot from bosses just as quick as using a controller.

Our package includes

Future Botting Project Upgrades