D2R Bots ready to use


Full AFK Botting Solution avoids bans

The safest d2r automation suite

Pickit, Heal, Travel & Chicken + More

Enhance your gameplay by automating it, undetected & still updated. Get started dominating with a free trial. All languages supported. 

Not even warden can detect these

Updated & Undetected D2R Automation

Advanced D2R Bots underestimated

Enhanced Security

Warden security scan checks in place to ensure user safety

Skips npc interaction through memory packet interfacing, attack spell & teleport animations also hidden due to advanced packet interactio

Auto relogger with set character selection

Auto Bypass Immune enemies and skip or tele stomp with mercenary to never have any issues with immunes again

D2R Bot Access Always Updated consistently

Revive Merc functino & multiple boss farming

Customize as you like with early access to our bot

Auto-stash functionality

Gmabling & Auto identifying items

Smart boss farm & dodges attacks with smart auto-aim combat AI

30+ Bosses & Dungeons

easy setup with no coding required

magic finding easier with automated pickit

visual interface makes config fast

Choose to farm any boss in any act

Clear all enemies on path to boss

The Secret Cow Level is No longer a Secret with our 2-3 minute baal runs & chaos runs in record speeds!

Farm in Public or Solo Games!

More than just a Bot that keeps you alive

Auto-chicken thresholds functionality

Auto heal self & mercenary

Advanced memory reading & packet casting to navigate & boss fight so fast even while still in loading screen!

Easy Setup

Compatible with all Windows OS

Hands free automation

Easy map revealer setup, no configuring required

24/7 Live Chat

D2R Leveling Bots & Hacks

Advanced Tools

Breakpoint stat editor

Full Enemies Revealed on Minimap

Always improving and soon to be available open API

D2R Automation tools

Bonus D2R Bots for Automating Trading
Auto Muling and Auto Dropper Bot
easy marketplace auto posting API

From noob to pro we assist with your setup

Now you dont have to code

Avoid coding, now just select with the pre-determined options You will currently see the options for sorceress & paladin, and the ability to save your class config files after choosing your settings making setup very easy.

Using the new All in One Launcher includes access to a suite of tools ranging from the config editor interface to the discord broadcaster to announce your game name and password and loot log found in your specified channel based on your webhook settings.

Clear bosses, unique or champion monsters and more

Just select the clearpath

Choose areas where you want to clear path, categorizing them into acts so you can easily differentiate the maps to clear with easy interface to use, you will love it.

When in doubt just clear all, and spectate how fast your bot will farm. Even moving while in loading screens due to the advanced packet casting and navigation method making your boss farming in record times. Why only farm a select few bosses for minimal loot when you can expand your reach in the same amount of time and don't forget to pick up Emilio the Act 2 Mercenary is the only mercenary to give you a boost in quality drops.

D2R Discord Broadcaster D2R Bots Integration

D2R Bots Discord Broadcaster

posts game name and loot

Setup your Loot Log and Game Info to the Discord Channel of your choice simply by setting up a webhook for each log announcement.

Included in the all in one launcher are many tools such as the Config Editor Interface, the D2R Bot Discord Broadcaster, and other tools for other games and software. We provide you also with the ability to auto post your loot log to an escrow marketplace and reshare the listing in the forum you specify to get extra revelance. Perfect for an item shop that needs to offload their items as soon as they are found they are posted to multiple marketplaces and shared to multiple forums including the AFKBots Premium MMO Botting Community.

utilize all that extra gold

choose items to gamble on

Enough writing the code to gamble or not gamble every single item, now just enable or disable depending on your needs.

Select your bosses

D2R Bot Farming Configuration

farming chests

Avoid finding the code for each chests, now we got it for you just select which chest you want to farm.


Giving you an advantage

Select the route for the ghosthunting, it will look for the mob that you are searching for.

D2R Bots ready to use

The AIO D2R Bot runs in the background

Safest automation solution for D2R: It does everything you need it to do, plus more. Just check out how efficient the AIO D2R Bot truly is, it can detect your Call To Arms secondary weapon to swap and buff with, and it can even not have to rely on needing keybindings for your characters setup. You'll find yourself being able to farm 24/7 if you have the AIO Launcher scheduler setup to auto log you out and log in & due to our human like behavior with features that range from gambling to identifying items and stashing them based on stats. With new features being added constantly, you will find the public group boss farming option to work flawlessly and with the ability to be on top of the real money trade of acquiring items or rushing services with the on site upcoming marketplace listings.

D2R Aio Launcher includes a suite of
Automation Tools not limited to just leveling Bots


Giving you an advantage

Avoid deaths with built in Chicken setting, auto drink potions, auto heal mercenary, as well as features such as auto travel but no more breakpoint stats editor that was patched in 2.4.


Now with teleport to item pickit

With a pickit so fast that will make you the top dog of magic finding with the teleport to item grab feature helps you get every item drop and instantly. Always get item drops from bosses before other players in a split second!

BlockHD Mod for scaling Multi Sessions

blackmod for d2r bots

-Instant wps for Lod
-Super fast create game
-Instant leave to main menu
-Hide your name everywhere + merc name
-Added color to resistance
-Added in hp/mp v2
-Lower memory then v1.0.2

Frequently Asked Questions

There are a few different kinds of bots that are available to the public, the most common type is pixel based bot that interacts with Diablo 2 Resurrected just as a player does by using the keyboard and scanning the screen to interact with objects.

We have progressed our software so much that we went from a pixel bot solution to funding the developer work his magic on his packet farming bot that uses memory reading and revives the utilization of old kolbot or d2nt bot scripts to use with it’s pickit so it can have the advantage of being able to know the stats of items based on how it interacts with the game memory, you will not even need to set your keybindings for your spells. And of course our D2R Bot has been exactly doing what it’s made to do.

This means it knows exactly what item dropped, when it dropped, and will loot it accordingly, cast spells without needing to keybind them, use potions without having to open the inventory to use them or assign them in the belt and also is capable of navigating during loading screens as the game is technically loaded during loading screen as that’s why you can be PK’d while loading into a waypoint by other players, but the bot can read the game memory and navigate instantly so you may see in our packet bot preview videos of it navigating to bosses extremely fast because of this advantage.

We prioritize user security first and foremost being able to actually utilize our software without getting banned is what sets us apart from other bots.

Yes, many Diablo 2 Resurrected bots are designed to play your online mode characters and safely interact with the players. You can choose to create public games or private – it’s up to you. The group rushing bot is the perfect choice for doing public baal runs, because some people will pay you to rush them for this kind of service on various online forums. We also took note that even the d2r bots play very human-like and will not draw unwanted attention from other players just like a wow bot. In fact, you may well find other players enjoy playing with you if you are able to increase their farming rate to level quicker.

While we do not have auto aim implemented yet, to enhance your PvP gameplay using the manually you can auto travel through areas much quicker, meaning you can hunt down or evade being killed by other players very easily.

Sign up and choose the JieGuan Take Over bot, you can get a discount by choosing the lifetime key. We no longer offer pixel bot solutions as we have progressed past them. You will find our Packet bot JieGuan to usurp the rest, keeping your account safe is also a priority so just make sure you don’t farm too fast!

Please keep in mind the ZhiPei Dominate Tool is designed for using while manually playing that allows extra functionality such as teleporting, pickit, and auto drink potions/auto heal mercenary with chicken ability to leave game if close to death. Once you sign up you will find your code instantly available.

Once you have signed up for the JieGuan Take Over Bot you will find your key in the serials page after claiming it in our credits shop. A ZhiPei or JieGuan activation key must be input into the launcher with the dashes included.

Once you get your key you will want to make sure you are using it on the primary pc you plan to use as it will bind to the first PC you use it on to prevent account sharing. If you decide to switch PC please contact support for a HWID reset on your bot key.

We have a full support team that helps provide assistance to our users. You can reach us via the helpdesk, our forum and exclusive Discord chat groups by requesting an invite. You will find the helpdesk in your member’s area page, where you will also find our software downloads along with links to their setup guides.

While it is not a good idea to bot 24/7, we also think you should make sure you are not using any inferior open source bots or cheaply-made bots, because they might put your account at risk and see it flagged. We provide the safest botting experience available with no bans associated with our software. All of our software is tested on each patch to ensure safety so that you avoid any ban traps.

We provide our tools at a monthly fee to cover ongoing developmental costs to ensure that the software is harnessing the latest features and safe to use. From our experience – and the reason why we make these products – is that people who charge a one-time fee typically don’t care about ongoing maintenance and security of their software. It is likely they may not be around for very long once they have your money. With D2RAssist, we provide consistent and continuous updates and support to ensure that you are always up to date and protected. We use to have lifetime keys available for a promotional discount but they are no longer available.

You can sign up for our Zhi Pei Dominate tool which includes an in game map & enemy reveal along with lines that guide you through each zone, so you can easily see through the map while manually playing, as well as the enemies before being ambushed. This option can also be disabled for people who just want the advanced teleport pickit, auto travel, auto heal & breakpoint editor features of Zhi Pei.